The Japanese have a habit of taking trends to another dimension.

We all love our pets and in particular our dogs, you need not look too far on visits to New York, London, Paris or Sydney to see dogs of all shapes and sizes dressed up to a treat. On a recent visit to Tokyo I was both amazed and delighted to see the variety of fashion clothing that was on parade by some of the cities best heeled dogs.  Alas it’s not only dog’s that are having all the fun, have a look at the gentleman having tea with his cat.

There is a boutique in Tokyo’s trendy Omote Sando that provides an awesome variety of jackets, coats, hats, and accessories for our fine furry friends. We were taken to the boutique by a business associate who told us that on the weekends it is cool to come to Omote Sando with your canine friend, do some shopping and then take them for a stroll in the nearby special dog friendly area in Yoyogi Park.

Another business associate also told me something interesting; she said that her 3 year old son commented upon seeing a dog without clothes, “mummy look there goes a naked dog”!

Denis Zolin

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